Playing the harp for a special couple

I had the honor of playing my harp for a lovely couple, where the husband has Alzheimers. I was asked to play for them by their son and daughter-in-law. Although the father also had difficulty seeing, he clearly enjoyed the music, and, according to the family, remembered the performance afterwards. When I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how well I knew a piece that they requested, the husband looked in my direction and said, “Just fake it’! What a sweet surprise that was. I will always remember how much both of them enjoyed the performance, and the visit we had afterwards. You never know how music will affect someone.

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New Photos!

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Enjoy the Videos!

I have just completed nine videos that are now available for view on my website — it is very exciting!  Now, you can not only hear the harp on my “Music” page, but you can see how beautiful it is in a lovely outdoor setting. I look forward to hearing what my readers think of the videos. Enjoy the music!

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Expect the unexpected from the ringbearers!

Youngsters add a special touch to any wedding — but you never quite know what they will do! One little ringbearer started to walk down a side aisle, and, once realizing he was in the wrong place, ran back to the center aisle, delighting all the guests. Another young ringbearer apparently thought the aisle was too long, as he decided to toss the pillow to the waiting best man –luckily, the rings were well-attached! And last, one young fellow was just overwhelmed by the sight of all those people, and had to be picked up and carried –but he made it!

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Joining two traditions

Today I had the honor to participate in wedding where the bride’s heritage was Japanese, and the groom’s was American.

 The ceremony incorporated English vows with the Japanese sharing of saki tea by the bride and groom — my harp music reflected the spirit of Japanese melodies. There was also a brief exchange of Hebrew words, led by the Jewish officiant: “Dodi L’i, v’Ani L’Dodi” — “I am my love’s and my love is mine” — for that background I played the music written to those words.

Whenever the bride and groom come from different cultures, it is always special to combine facets of each in a wedding — it honors both families and creates a truly unique celebration!

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Rain, rain, go away!

After I happened to write in my previous post about having back-up plans in case of rain, I just played for an outdoor wedding today (Yes, on Easter Monday) where, just as the ceremony was beginning, it began to rain! For only the second time in 20 years of playing for weddings! Luckily, the couple’s reception room was already set up in the building right behind the ceremony lawn. The guests all hurried inside, and actually enjoyed the excitement of it all! Luckily the bride and groom took everything in stride, noting that rain on a wedding day is actually a sign of good luck! But this could only have turned out so well due to the back-up indoor setting. So, once again, remember that it’s not always sunny in sunny San Diego — have a back-up plan to insure a wonderful wedding day, even if it rains.

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The beauty of outdoor weddings.

I had the opportunity to play for a beautiful wedding this past week-end. It was located at the gorgeous park at the La Jolla Cove, and the day was perfect. Chairs were arranged in a circular, spiral pattern, representing infinity and love without end — very romantic, as you can imagine!

Outdoor weddings are especially popular here in San Diego, and a wonderful choice for your ceremony! But do have a back-up indoor or tent plan, just in case –especially since musicians cannot play their instruments in the damaging rain or misty weather. Not to mention that you’ll want to keep your guests warm and dry, too!

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The fun of choosing your wedding music with the harp!

A wonderful couple met with me today to choose their wedding music — we had a great time! Playing their requests on my harp made their song list come alive; and with my magical harp I introduced them to the beauty of songs they had not heard before. With their ideas and my suggestions, we quickly created their whole wedding program — and we’re all excited to hear it on their big day!

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I enjoyed playing the harp at an arts festival this evening!

Dear Reader,

    I had the pleasure of playing my harp this evening at an outdoor arts festival, surrounded by art galleries and beautiful boutiques. It was so good for the spirit to enjoy so many forms of art, and to also see such a positive response to my harp playing, especially from children! They are fearless, and come right up to the harp; and they have such a big smile on their faces when I show them how to “strum” the harp strings. Who knows who among them might become musicians one day? You never know your effect on young people — so share what you are passionate about — with both young and the young-at-heart!

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Amy Lynn Kanner, Harpist

Dear Reader,

This is my first day of blogging! I will be offering ideas and tips on planning music for your wedding or special event in future blogs! With 20 years of experience I offer music from Classical (Pachelbel Canon) to Celtic (Greensleeves) to Contemporary, (Time to Say Goodbye — as heard by vocalist Andre Bocelli). My music package includes a personal consultation to choose just the right music for your special event — the harp makes any celebration truly magical!

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