Harp Therapy

 “Amy’s music was heavenly; it literally touched my heart.

Her wonderful music will help people in their journey

to greater health and well-being.”

– Dr. Neil Treister, Cardiologist


I am both a physician,

and a  Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner,


1997 graduate of the

International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP)

The International Harp Therapy Program
endorses a balance between
music, medicine and spirituality.”

by Christina Tourin, founder.

The IHTP, founded by master harpist and teacher
Christina Tourin,
is a year-long specialized  program.


unique resonance and soothing qualities
of the harp are studied,
with extensive practice in playing
intuition-guided music and improvisation,
tailored to each individual.

I offer intuitively-guided, therapeutic harp music for:

Relaxation, respite, and rejuvenation

Emotional support and comfort

Promoting of health and a sense of well-being

Decreasing pain, respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulse

Increasing endorphins

Offering soothing music to strengthen the connection of
body, mind, and spirit

Supporting collaboration, inspiration
and brainstorming in corporate settings

My use of therapeutic harp works its magic almost anywhere!



Birthing Rooms  

Celebrations of Life

Clinics and waiting rooms

Corporate settings

Dialysis Units

Fire departments 




Mediation Centers 

Meditation programs

Nursing homes

Oncology Units

Operating rooms

Private homes

Rehabilitation Centers 


Senior communities


Yoga studios

Youth-at-Risk Centers




 At the bedside, the patient might relax with eyes closed,
or choose to strum the strings, making their own music.


                    Playing at the bedside

With a patient in a Rehab Facility

Please take the opportunity to read much more
about this amazing and unique program.

Christina Tourin’s International Harp Therapy Program page.